Just gotta have some fun.

About Me

Who the mad Kow is and their art coming soon.


… to illuminate and rejuvenate, to inspire great visions of truth and reveal injustices, to boldly go where no other has gone before, to stand your ground even when mad dogs are bitting at your feet, to find open roads to drive down, to think of new and important projects, to always shot from your heart and not you pocket book, to shot with reckless abandon when the need arises, to say nice things to small and old people, to wash the dishes at least once a week…

to continue to photograph through the storms of indignation and arrive at the cafe that serves Hot Bagels, to daily forge a head with camera in hand with new vitality and inner strength, to sometimes be able to throw guilt to the winds and leave your own family for a day of photographing, to have a positive outlook on your road of life and to listen to music that inspires, preferably via a portable cassette player while making pictures of the ones you love in the cool twilight.

the original “Shots” Magazine

D. Price aka “The Hobo”


I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, that myth is more important than history,
that dreams are more powerful than fact, that hope always trumps over experience, that laughter is the only cure for grief, and I believe that love is stronger than death.